Case Study: Ingersoll Rand


Ingersoll Rand is a 100 year old company with a diverse range of market-leading commercial, industrial and residential brands, from household security and air conditioning, through to industrial air compressors and climate control solutions for buildings and commercial vehicles. 

They recognized the importance of developing staff capabilities as a key differentator, but believed they were not delivering on the promise through their learning management approach. They recruited Seertech to assist in the implementation of a global LMS that would meet their corporate vision of providing “operational excellence”.

Why Seertech?

They had used Oracle's iLearning LMS since 2005, but significant issues were damaging the attitude towards the solution across the organisation. Most problems stemmed from governance, given the scale of the audience (more than 70,000 users), the needs of five separate business units, the geographic spread (14 countries) and diversity of languages (more than 20).

Seertech's iLearning PLUS provided a solution that could offer cohesion, whilst supporting the process models for each business line.

The Solution

Ingersoll Rand employed Seertech to extend the capabilities of iLearning through its iLearning PLUS application. Seertech also transitioned the Ingersol Rand LMS to a hosted platform, a 30 day project that migrated all content, users and performance records, removing the need for localised support and extending the flexibility
of access, including use on mobile devices. 

Seertech was also appointed to assist in implementing a new strategy, with accountability for support services and application development.

The Benefits

The solution provided a quantium leap in LMS capability for Ingersoll Rand, with useability improvements encouraging greater participation by course managers and learners alike.  Accurate, timely reports allows individuals to track their progress, whilst enabling managers to view trends, highlight individual needs and identify training gaps. The CEO uses the daily reporting information to make business decisions based on the operational readiness of the company for future initiatives.


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