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iLearning PLUS is used by a diverse range of customers across many industry verticals and geographic regions.

Our primary customer base is in the deployment and support of our iLearning PLUS learning management solution (LMS) for large public and private organizations. Typically, iLearning PLUS handles complex learning deployments for training populations greater than 5,000 trainees, although we do service smaller clients with complex learning management requirements.

Our secondary customer base is represented by hosted Learning for Profit (eCommerce) driven deployments. These customers rely on iLearning PLUS's built-in eCommerce functionality to generate revenue from the sale and delivery of training, be it online, classroom, or virtual. With support for virtually any eCommerce requirement, iLearning PLUS is an industry leader in Learning for Profit deployments.

iLearning PLUS enables you to focus on their core business by managing their learning processes and technology in an efficient and cost-effective way. Each customer has selected Seertech because of the capabilities of iLearning PLUS, our specialized expertise in learning management and our reputation for successful implementation and support. Our ability to continuously align iLearning PLUS with changing business needs is directly related to our unparalleled customer retention over the past 10 years.

Here are some of our clients' success stories.

Ingersoll Rand

ingersollrand smallIngersoll Rand is a 100 year old company with a diverse range of market-leading commercial, industrial and residential brands. They recognized the importance of developing staff capabilities as a key differentator and recruited Seertech to assist in the implementation of a global LMS that would meet their corporate vision of providing “operational excellence”.

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NSW Health

nsw smallNew South Wales Health operates across 29 districts, each acting as independent businesses, with services ranging from primary care in the remote outback to metropolitan tertiary health centres. The impact of iLearning PLUS was immediate, with full standardisation of learning across all districts, significantly improved reporting capabilities and an estimated 70 percent reducton in the administration time dedicated to compliance.

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nuance smallNuance is an industry leader in optical character recognition, speech synthesis and speech recognition. To maintain their strength and differentiate from competitors they were looking for a sustainable learning solution for staff that would also provide revenue from the sale of training to customers, partners and resellers. They turned to Seertech for help.

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optus smallWith more than 8,000 employees and a complex product set training and development was seen as crucial to the Optus's success. Over the years, with the help of Seertrech, they established a comprehensive learning and development program, featuring classroom sessions and online, aimed at personal & professional staff development. As well as enhancing the customer experience it is a key driver for staff satisfaction and retention.

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Red Robin

redrobin smallWith more than 460 locations, this US restaurant chain understood the importance of training and development, but faced the challenge of providing it to a low skilled, high turnover work force. Seertech Learning was selected as the vendor of choice because of flexibility and configurability of its iLearning PLUS LMS. The solution included mobile delivery of content via iPads already in use in each outlet.

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sunsorp smallThe Suncorp Group (Suncorp) is one of Australia's largest banks and the country's largest general insurance group. With 15,000 employees across five businesses (personal and commercial insurance, Vero NZ, Suncorp Bank and Suncorp Life ), covering a wide range of wealth, insurance and banking products, the company had sophisticated learning and compliance requirements.

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Wind River

windriver smallWind River is a global leader in the production of Device Software Optimization, providing the technology to efficiently develop and run device software, using development tools, middleware and simulation technology. They wanted to extend their business to include education and training, turning to Seertech to provide a platform to facilitate this expansion.

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