Many LMS vendors focus on the technological aspects of learning management. Seertech's approach is more holistic.

Our experience shows that a successful project requires a defined strategy, a structured project plan and experienced teams that are committed to delivering a solution that delivers measurable value to the business and the extended enterprise ecosystem.

Given our experience, we tend to lead out clients through the process as an active, invested strategic alliance partner who is passionate about your learning management success.

There are four major stages in the Seertech Implementation Program:
 Account Engagement
 Process Overview


Account Engagement

From the onset Seertech commits significant resources to identify your precise requirements. From this we deliver a proposal, highlighting the precise business benefit, often identifying areas of opportunity that you might not have considered at the onset.



deliveryThe implementation of the learning management solution follows a minimum of four key phases of implementation, completed using an AGILE project methodology:
1. Discovery: This establishes the project process, governance and requirements for the implementation and creates a Statement of Work (SOW) which governs the deliverables for the subsequent phases of the project.
2. Configuration Cycle 1: This phase determines the requirements for the initial configuration of the solution, based on agreed elements of the SOW, including testing, client review and change request definitions.
3. Configuration Cycle 2: This is centered on completing the change request activities from Cycle 1, as well as undertaking agreed development work for Cycle 2. The process for testing, review and change request definition is the same in the first configuration cycle. Additional Configuration Cycles may be required, depending on scope and complexity of the implementation project.
4. Client Acceptance & Launch: This final stage of delivery focuses on the product and customer readiness for launch of the LMS solution into production. This includes client training, user acceptance testing, client approval and pre-production deployment tasks, as well as client launch and project closeout / support handover tasks. The aim of this phase is to smoothly deploy the product into production and transition into 'Business as Usual' (BAU) support mode.


Process Overview

With an LMS deployed, this stage covers the integration of the technology into your existing company processes. This will involve further work on configuration of the software as well as reworking and imporoving some of your ways of working. Again this phases follows a sub-set of processes governed by the AGILE project management methodology. It is important to note that the delivery process occurs not just with new projects, but also with development or enhancement projects to existing LMS environments.


Training and Support

This phase of our engagement process includes:
 Support / Relationship Management: establishing your ongoing support tools, contacts and governance / support framework
 Reactive Support: managing warranty, hosting, development, operational, strategic support requests within defined SLA's
 Pro-active Support: managing defined development / enhancement projects, strategic engagement, knowledge transfer and Customer Advisory Board engagements through effective support and relationship management structures.
 Value Adds: Providing additional value through thought leadership, collaboration and knowledge sharing.


More about training and support 


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