Hosting Options


You can choose to have your iLearning PLUS instance hosted on-site or in the cloud. With a public crowd service, with a shared instance of iLearning PLUS, you'll automatically access upgrades without the need for local installs and testing. It also facilitates mobile access, which is becoming an increasingly popular requirement for learning systems, enabling learners to access courses anytime, on any device.

hostingSome businesses insist, however, that applications are all hosted on-site, or with a third party hosting provider. With this arrangement, you install Oracle iLearning and iLearning PLUS on your own servers. You pay a license for the installation and we assist with software configuration and training.

Cloud Solutions

Seertech has been providing cloud based services to clients for more than 10 years. Our hosted services are located in mirrored sites in Seattle and Sydney with 99.99% uptime and SOC1 security certification. Your data sites safely behind two firewalls.

There are two hosting service options available:
 Public Cloud - Shared Instance
 Private Cloud - Dedicated Instance

Each of these solutions is supported by application management, integration, hosting, disaster recovery and support services. Whichever hosting service option is chosen, Seertech will have a package to suit your budget, security and scalability requirements.


Public Cloud - Shared Instance

This is the most common option, providing full hosted iLearning PLUS portals (including Oracle iLearning with Seertech iLearning PLUS) on a shared instance. Your portal, data, users and security profiles are all logically separated from other clients, but your hardware (database capability, application and content servers) are shared with other clients of the shared instance. This is ideally suited to implementations of 20,000 users or less, or where usage is not intense (for example, a low number of media intensive online courses, or smaller learning programs that are mostly classroom based).
 Reduced hosting and setup costs due to shared hardware and core software.
 Reduced time to access new upgrades and system functionality, as soon as an upgrade is released, all clients get it. This also applies to new functionality developed for other clients, as soon as these new functions are deployed for them, you can access them too.
 For larger implementations, shared hardware / software may expose you to slowdowns from other client's programs if they are intensive.
 A shared environment may not suit some organizations' security policies.


Private Cloud - Dedicated Instance

For organizations with larger implementations this service provides dedicated test and production hardware and software (operating system, database, application server and iLearning/iLearning PLUS applications) deployed in our hosting services environment. This service is both physically and logically separated from other clients.
 You are not impacted by other client's environment or usage patterns
 You are able to determine the timing and acceptance of upgrades on your own terms
 Additional cost. It is approximately 20-25% more for setup and ongoing hosting services cost than a public cloud service with a shared instance.
 The timing and acceptance of any new functionality will need to be agreed between you and Seertech before deployment. This may lead to time delays before new functionality deployment to your instance.

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