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At Seertech, Our aim is to educate and advise clients on the best eLearning practises. We want to ensure that you have the knowledge, skills, resources and tools to develop a sustainable eLearning experience across your business.

Maximising your organisations investment in learning technology does not stop with choosing an Learning Management System (LMS) provider. 

We have found over the past 12 years that, even with the best technology in the world, customers can still fail to achieve the best possible outcomes without experienced advice and guidance. Our approach is to help you understand what can be achieved using your LSM successfully across your business and, if possible, beyond it, to include partners, channels and customers.

Seertech started life extending the Oracle iLearning LMS in response to the evolving needs of our customers.  We learnt quickly that customers needed advice on applying global best practice learning techniques and, frequently, the ability to enhance their LMS platform to meet their industry's evolving needs.

Our strategic consultants are able to:

1 analyse what you are trying to achieve

2 advise on the best approach and suggested what else could realistically be realized

3 present possible options on how to achieve these goals using the iLearning PLUS LMS

4 modify the LMS solution, if necessary, to facilitate your required outcomes

5 provide ongoing consultation to determine how your learning solution should evolve for maximum benefit


A question we ask ourselves

When we're asked to pigeon-hole our own business we're asked if we are a software company or a systems integrator. In truth, we see ourselves as a consultancy business, with a thorough knowledge of the learning space. Through this consultative approach we have developed software that suits the requirements of a broad selection of industries and which can be integrated into other core systems and company processes.

We believe this approach makes us unique. Would you consider your current LMS provider to be your learning partner, or just another software vendor?


Start with a preliminary Seertech consultation today. We can provide an initial consultation to assess your learning goals, understand your current situation and develop an approach to reach your desired outcomes. Contact us here 




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