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Seertech is experienced in developing learning solutions for companies with a strong element of customer facing activity, where procedure, product knowledge and compliance are all crucial aspects of the business or public sector department.


Red Robin, America's leading gourmet burger chain turned to Seertech to develop a solution that would enable effective training for employees across 450 outlets. Read the case study 

Our iLearning PLUS Learning Management Solution is ideally suited to service industries, where large numbers of employees need to be trained to ensure maximum customer service standards. This is often required in businesses with high staff turnover, making ease of use imperative, together with rapid reporting and management access to idnividual profiles. 

The benefits

 Rapid training deployment for transient workforce in multiple locations

 Integration with broader human capital management framework to provide up to date profiles of each staff member

 Easy to use interface, ensuring maxium take-up by learners

 Multi-level permissions, enabling bespoke allocation of functions to various job roles and management levels

 Extensive reporting capabilties, to assess performance and to report on compliance criteria

 One system to suit multple needs within a larger business, with individual tailored portals all operating from one core system

With a diverse product range, Australia Post was struggling to manage its workforce, particularly those employed to handle seasonal demand peaks. Working with Seertech they were able to reduce face-to-face training, ensure consistent message delivery and increase the training completion rate for new employees. Read the case study 

Read more about the features of iLearning PLUS here 


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