Case Study: Optus


Optus is one of Australia's largest communications providers, offering mobile, satellite and fixed-line telephony and data services to consumer, small business and corporate markets. With more than 8,000 employees and a complex product set training and development was seen as crucial to the company's success. 

Over the years, with the help of Seertech, Optus has established a comprehensive learning and development program, featuring classroom sessions and online, aimed at personal & professional staff development. As well as enhancing the customer experience it is a key driver for staff satisfaction and retention.

Why Seertech?

Seertech was chosen out of five suppliers assessed by the Suncorp Group. The final decision was based on:

the strength of the content delivery mechanism.
 the depth of the product's reporting capabilities for better management and
course design.
 the high degree of configurability and flexibility of the software.
 the deep integration with other core systems.
 the robust deployment model that had been applied to many big-name clients.

The Solution

Seertech deployed Oracle's iLearning software, together with its own iLearning PLUS enhancements. The agreement covered two areas:
1) a hosting and support agreement covering the management of the learning infrastructure
2) a contracted pay-as-you-go agreement covering ongoing consulting and functionality changes to truly leverage the LMS investment.
More than seven years of coursework and data (including 200,000 performance records and over 5,000 individual courses from multiple programs) were migrated to the new software using the migration functions within the new software.

The Benefits

The LMS has provided Optus with competitive advantage through strategic knowledge management, and positions Optus as an employer of choice through its focus on staff development. 

The new system enabled Optus to automate HR integration and schedule reporting functions, to provide accurate and relevant data to key parts of the business and its
parent SingTel. Data gathered from each training event has enabled the Optus Learning team to develop a more strategic approach to planning and to more effectively meet the learning needs of all employees.


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