IT and Telecommunications

Naturally, Seertech understands the technology sector - we're part of it. That's why we're convinced that we have the only learning solution that can enable you to rapidly deploy training for your evolving product set, maximising revenue and reducing support costs. You recognise that you need an LMS that is as up to date as the technology you are providing.

Staff who aren't across the functions of a product can seriously impact your success in the markeplace. That's why major telecommunications and technology companies are using Seertech's iLearning PLUS at the centre of their training, to improve the standard of pre and post sales customer support.

Optus, a leading telco and one of our oldest customers (over 10 years), has worked with us to ensure their staff, partners and franchises are all trained using the latest technology. Our recent gamification portals have been a hugely successful way of engaging the next generation of learners.  Read the case study 

We need words to go in here, as with the other industry pages. This should include a few dot points on the specific product features that would be relevant to the services sector. The ability to host or use a cloud service could be one of them.

The benefits

 Cloud based solution that can be accessed anywhere you determine, by staff, partners, franchises, even customers 

 Mobile configurability enables your high-techn workforce to access content on the move

 Constantly evolving software solution, so you remain at the cutting-edge of learning technology

 Rapid deployment will help you quickly realise your learning goals and shorten the payback period

 Ease of use and flexibility makes it possible to quickly implement new programs as you launch new products and services

 Advanced analytics and user feedback enables you to refine training approaches in short time frames


Wind River, a global leader in the production of device software optimization, needed an LMS to educate software developers across the globe about their latest technologies and provide hands-on training. They turned to iLearning PLUS.  Read the case study 


Read more about the features of iLearning PLUS here 

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