Roles Based User Experience


iLearning PLUS is a role-based system, with powerful tools to ensure efficient workflows for all users.

iLearning PLUS is designed to ensure each role has access to appropriate features and functionality, whilst maintaining an intuitive user interface, displaying only relevant features to each role. The software boasts an extremely granular set of permissions and can support an unlimited number of custom roles to ensure it is fully aligned with your business. By default we provide several standard roles described below.


Standard Roles

Each of the standard roles is full configurable and can be altered or added to by an administrator. So, if the roles don't suit the needs of your business, change them!


The Learner interface has a look and feel that can be matched to any corporate brand guidelines, with functionality that can be configured according to your needs. Standard features include search, details of courses, status of enrolled learning and the user's learning path, entry to scheduled learning courses, access to collaboration resources (such as chat), course history and certificates and a task reminder. Plus much more.


Managers can view each learner's profile, enrolments and history. They can create learning paths for learners, enrol them in courses and view competency gaps for existing or future job roles.


This role is created whenever a user is added as a resource to a classroom (face to face or virtual). The instructor can identify time available for events, manage enrolments and email communication with participants, moderate forums and view reports on course completion, scores and evaluations of the course by participants.

Course Scheduler

The scheduler coordinates workshops, managing the calendar of events, booking instructors and other resources. This role can set enrolment conditions and set course pricing, as well as being responsible for managing enrolment numbers, cut-offs and wait lists. Like with all pre-set roles, these functions are customisable and accessible to the user through the role-dependent interface.

Site Administrator

The site administrator can define or amend all roles and user permissions, including delegations , for example, allowing another team member to complete a manager's task during leave periods. This crucial role can also determine content folder structures, manages user emails and determines the schedules for reporting.

Content Developer

This role is often assigned to a third party content provider, who is granted the ability to assemble and manage content through a browser interface. This role is given very limited access to other parts of the system.

iLearning PLUS is totally configurable. The site administrator can determine the access privileges and visibility of functions and workflow elements for each role. They can all be changed to meet your own company's processes and objectives.


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