Reporting and Analytics


iLearning PLUS provides three types of reporting and analytics packages:

  Standard Reports - Over 150 standard reports in 4 areas: Admin, Learner, Manager, Instructor.
  Learning Analytics - End user developed or seeded ad-hoc reporting, scheduling and dashboards
  Dashboards - Embedded graphical charts / graphs with contextual drill-downs



Users can obtain information relevant to their status- for example, learner, manager, or administrator.

  Learners can view the status of their courses and, for each completed course, can display and print a certificate that includes completion information and results of incorporated assessments. They can also access specific end user reports, if premitted by the administrator.
  Managers can have additional management reports available to , for example, to view of their employees' learning status and performance.
  Administrators (depending on their privileges) can access reports defined to meet business-specific reporting requirements. They can alter the template for their reports and choose to give learners or managers access to selected reports

iLearningPLUS includes a Web service that enables reports to be run automatically, which can assist with reporting cycles and facilitate real-time data transfers with other programs.

Learning Analytics

As an option, Seertech can provide Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE), a full analytics and dashboard tool which, combined with Seertech's learning data cubes and data warehouse, enables self-service reporting and dashboard creation using an intuitive, powerful, drag-and-drop interface. It means you can create dynamic reports with minimal training and limited technical skills, using data from your warhouse and your iLearning PLUS LMS data. This puts intelligent analysis of learning in the control of end users, enabling fact-based actions and decision making based on real-time data.


Seertech provides a comprehensive set of standard learning analytics dashboards for iLearning PLUS customers, designed to provide a robust out-of-the-box set of analytics, based on years of client engagement experience. These standard reports can significantly reduce staff time involved in the production of reports and provide the insights stakeholders need to effectively run their part of the business.

The standard dashboard offering is illustrated below.



Additional dashboard packages are also available, including:

 Content-Based Dashboards: including compliance course deployment, safety courses, employee agreements (multiple courses, multiple course types), multi-year training initiatives and learning plans.

 Delivery Type Dashboards: providing information on different training delivery types, including results for complete curriculums, online courses, instructor-led classroom or virtual sessions and certifications.

 Training Effectiveness Dashboards: these show how effective your training programs are based on learner satisfaction course ratings, participant tests, instructor and manager assessments. We can even link to other business data to help show the impact that your training is having on the business.

  Learning Management System Administration Dashboards: providing key metrics to help LMS administrators understand their users, site usage and content utilization. Included in this package are new users rates, system usage trends by business unit or learner type, and year-over-year course completions by content type, and more.

Customization of all of these dashboards is included in your iLearning PLUS implementation and assistance tailoring reports is always available. Client can also utilise "Learning Analytics Author Design Training" to develop the in-house skills to expand the functionality of all reports and dashboards.


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