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Increasingly, the principles used in computer games are being used to help learning. These including:

  • the challenge
  • the fun factor
  • the ability share our scores with colleagues
  • the potential to receive rewards
  • the opportunity to transfer points received into tangible rewards.


The benefits of gamification in eLearning

gamification It increases engagement.
Gamification is designed to engage and motivate the learner, providing clear goals and rewards for each step. Learners will use their time more effectively, because their focus will be much more concentrated,

 Makes eLearning interactive.
The interactive element of gaming makes the user feel involved, so they quickly become an integral part of the learning process, rather than just a passive consumer.

 Increase knowledge absorption and retention.
As active participants learners using gamification are able to effectively absorb information and commit it to long term memory.

 Provides role-playing
Well-designed gamification learning content enables users to see how their choices result in consequences or rewards.

 Improves motivation
Learners can only progress to the next level having achieved points or targets set in the previous level. Ifr the end-reward is strong enough, the motivation to move forward will increase. This motivation could be monetary, role-related or simply the satisfaction of sharing achievements through social media.

 A lower stress learning environment
When learners are having fun they are more likely to acquire information. Learning becomes fun, rather than a chore and knowledge absorption becomes a by-product.


iLearningPLUS provides the capability to develop Gamification content in your eLearning program. A number of clients have already used the LMS to develop a gamified approach with extremely positive results.


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