iLearning PLUS - Features and Benefits


iLearningPLUS brings learners, instructors, content providers, managers and other stakeholders together in a collaborative learning community that can be deployed very quickly.

It provides the flexibility and functionality you need to align your training with your corporate strategy, without the need for customisation. In fact, iLearning PLUS provides all the standard capabilities that characterize many LMSs—managing content; prescribing, delivering and tracking learning; and monitoring and managing the learning process—whilst offering  an innovative and flexible approach to the processes of learning and administration.

As a modular, portal based application, iLearning PLUS provides complete client configuration capability without the need for costly or risky customizations.


Read more about the rich features of iLearning PLUS below, or check out how our role-based approach ensures the system coordinates all your learning requirements.

Personalised user experience

 iLearning PLUS has been designed to provide a tailored experience for each user, dependent on their roles within the organization. For example, learners log-in to a dashboard containing all upcoming engagements, detremined by virtually any attribute assigned to their profile — job role, language, region, division, team, etc. All functions, such as workflows, permissions, reporting, can be tailored to the individual based on their role, the device they are using and other contextual factors.  

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Advanced reporting, dashboard and learning analytics

iLearning PLUS offers more than 200 continually enhanced permission-based packaged reports, providing real-time access to data. You can configure the order and display of report parameters and columns. Seertech can also design and configure reports and dashboards to your specific needs.   

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iLearningPLUS offers a robust, award winning ecommerce platform to facilitate training and tracking your external audience(s). iLearning PLUS supports multiple portals, advanced content targeting, partner or channel branding, configurable discount rules and workflows, all combined with advanced analytics and reporting to track your ecommerce transactions.

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iLearning PLUS enables mobile access for online training, reporting, and management, anytime, any place. The solution was originally rolled out to meet the needs of US-based restaurant chain Red Robin, who uses iLearning PLUS to train 27,000 employees on iPads, with award winning success.

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Social Learning

Social media is changing many aspects of our lives. Learning is no exception. Many people want to learn in a collaborative way and have their progress displayed publically online. That's why an increasing number of Learning and Development Managers want to use social media to complement their LMS solutions.  

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Gamification is designed to engage and motivate the learner, providing clear goals and rewards for each step. Learners will use their time more effectively, because they will be more focused on outcomes.

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With an open and flexible API, iLearning PLUS is designed to integrate with your existing technololgy landscape, giving users access to all required learning content and HR information. The flexible integration architecture enables you to leverage your investment from existing tools, whilst evolving to provide far richer learning functionality. 

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One solution, tailored to your needs

Every user accesses the same version of the iLearning PLUS software, but Seertech works on each installation to ensure it is configured to meet the exact needs of the customer. Sometimes this might require updates to the core product, but we don't develop unique code for any individual company, so everyone benefits from regular updates and upgrades. Understanding your exact requirements, providing consultancy, implementing changes, configuring your solution and ensuring a full-functioning, working system is all part of the Seertech engagement process.

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