Ecommerce & extended enterprise



Many of our clients are using iLearning PLUS beyond their own company to the 'extended enterprise', including partners, suppliers and their customers. They use similiar content to that provided to their internal employees. There are many benefits to this approach:


 It reduces customer and partner complaints by improving services levels through education
 It reduced customer support costs
   It reduces the cost of training as both employees and partner have complementary training content
 It improves compliances by delivering training through the total supply chain
 It has potential to increase product usage by fully trained resellers and customers
  It creates new revenue streams through the sale of learning courses


Extending training beyond your organisation


It's imperative that the training interface you provide is easy to access and use. There are a number of other key requirements, all provided by iLearning PLUS:


  • ability to charge clients through a comprehensive eCommerce module
  • ability to integrate with back office finance applications
  • ability to market the content to generate demand, including creation of online catalogues
  • allow for registrations for all types of courses - formal, informal, inhouse, external etc
  • capability for learners to collaborate before, during and after training modules
  • ability to customise content for different types of users
  • ability to display your company's branding throughout, or to co-brand with partners
  • advanced analytics and reporting functions on usage, learner evaluaton etc


Ecommerce with iLearning PLUS


Our eCommerce module supports any type of payment method - including credit card, check, purchase order, education credits and budget transfers. Our shopping cart supports any currency, multiple discount rules and currency conversion / taxation calculation services, as well as license key generation. Automated payment authentication is provided through integration with any third party payment services provider including VeriSign, CyberSource, Digital River and Pay.Gov, automating many of the traditional labour intensive payment management processes. As with all elements of iLearning PLUS access to the shopping cart by be set according to user privileges, using direct or multi-level approval processes, giving you full control over payment authorization.



Whilst there are rich e-commerce features available out of the box, each e-commerce build differs based on alignment to specific client business practices. The processes, including integration with third party systems, can be extended or modified as part of our standard implementation practices.


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