Partner with Seertech

Partnering with Seertech means you can complement your existing portfolio of products and services with a specialist learning management solution suited to clients with sophisticated learning needs or with high compliance requirements. We believe that inclusion of our iLearning PLUS solution will improve the likelihood of success when responding to a tender for an all-encompassing human capital management solution, as well as fitting the bill for clients wanting to ramp up their learning capabilities.

The Partner Program is designed to provide you with the tools and skills to successfully sell, implement, host and support Oracle iLearning with Seertech's iLearning PLUS.


Program eligibility

The program is open to organizations who can display the capability to implement and manage the solution. Ideally, candidate organisations will have technical capabilities in SQL and experience deploying Oracle applications (although this is not a requirement it is highly desirable for reaching level 2-3 of the partner program).


The benefits

 Access to a sophisticated learning management system, with a proven track record, offering features and capabilities that could transform your learning business
 New sales opportunities, revenue streams, service cost reductions, as well as improvements in your training delivery satisfaction rates
 Working with a world-class hosting solution, that ensures high availability, speed of access and scalability to support the growth of your business and your clients
 Access to all the tools, documentation, training and support to ensure self-service success with your iLearning PLUS deployments, with minimal impact on your resources.


The inclusions

The Seertech partner program provides you with:
 Oracle iLearning with Seertech's iLearning PLUS Learning Management System, available under a 'one click' deployment process
 A full package of deployment, configuration and support processes and documentation for rapid self-service deployment and configuration
 Dedicated partner support processes including:

  • Partner Certification
  • Partner training and 'how to' support
  • Hosting services, including regular automatic product upgrades


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